Tuesday, April 17, 2012


Welcome to undressing science.  

We're bringing sexy back (Timberlake- please don't sue).  We are about to have science give you a long, fulfilling strip tease.  No it won’t be like the quick and easy flash that most mass media gives you.  This is going to be slow and methodical and not just skin-deep.  Most importantly this is going to be an honest and accurate undressing.  

Like my co-blogger AFour I will be using a pseudonym (Fenix) in order to maintain relative anonymity.  However unlike AFour  I will be revealing my address, credit card details and phone number (ladies…) thus giving you a good reason to keep visiting the site.  But for now you’ll have to settle for a few of my other more basic details.

I am a PhD candidate at the Australian National University in Canberra, Australia.  My research is focused upon the design and reform of international environmental institutions.  However my interests range far and wide from political philosophies and international relations through to the realm of nutrition (particularly intermittent fasting).  Perhaps the most interesting and frustrating issue in regards to my research interests is the serious amount of disinformation and misunderstandings that are all too common in public perception.  Just take a look at the media and climate change for a case in point.  

Consequently, I am passionate about communicating research to others, and more importantly showing them how to critically assess research and its (often manipulated) portrayal in the media.   The majority of this will be through research reviews (coming soon will be a review of the connections between climate change and obesity- say what?).  Why put the time and effort into these reviews?  Because as a democracy in modern times it is every citizens responsibility to understand the latest developments in policy and research.  Critical thinking is really just learning to be an informed citizen.  And because science really is sexy, once you get to know it…

As you can probably tell already I am overly reliant upon sexual innuendo- get used to it and stay tuned...

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